Saturday, November 5, 2022

Farmer Maggot Probably Loves Bingo

 Keeping on with the bingo trend, here's farmer Maggot!

He showed up in the mail the other day, and I got him painted fairly quickly, quick enough, in fact, to it fit the bingo square for painting a model within 48 hours of receiving it!

Here's the card, since I forgot it last time.

I always liked the Shortcut to Mushrooms chapter in Lord of the Rings. I read the books as a kid, and for some reason I actually liked the slower, more domestic chapters at the beginning. I read and reread Bilbo's party, and the parts where the hobbits are traveling together, before the Barrow Downs. That's still kind of my thing when it comes to reading, I like stories that are small and quiet. Odd for someone basically doing a wargaming blog, I suppose.

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